Karaoke was boring…

So we started a band!

Who we are.

OE-2-KB began as a band of brothers — Stephen & Rusty Collins were kicked out of karaoke and had to grow up into their own group, learn to play nice with others, and embrace the talents of Theodora, Colette Oldham, Eddie Angell, and Dave Hankla.


Lead Singer

Eddie Angell

Guitar, Vocals, Sound Tech

Dave Hankla

Manager, Bass

Rusty Collins

Keyboard, Bass, Vocals

Stephen Collins

Drums, Vocals

On Location

We come ready to Rock! Give us a stage and we will bring all the equipment and fun. From instruments and speakers to microphones and lighting, we have everything we need to perform at outdoor or indoor venues. When you invite OE-2-KB to the party, we bring everything but the stage!

Book a Show

We are working professionals that absolutely love to rock. So yes, we each have day jobs (most of us) and have to schedule our shows ahead of time. If you you can give us two weeks or more advance notice, we can schedule you day or night, weekday or weekend.

How much?

The people who get us going are our fans that get up, dance and enjoy the music with us. If that were payment enough, we would play for free! Depending on the location and the event we may ask for a small fee to pay for travel expenses and sheet music (yes, that means you can make requests). More often than not, the band performs for tips. Tips go toward individual band member expenses.

What kinds of gigs do you do?

When we first decided to perform, we got our feet wet at local restaurants and bars. Now we perform for fundraisers, fairs, holiday events, private functions, or just about any venue or for any event!

When it comes down to it, we really enjoy interacting with the crowd and providing an atmosphere where anyone can pick a partner and dance!

How we work.


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Have Your Guy Call Our Guy

We're Old Enough 2 Know Better than to put our phone numbers or email addresses online, but you can still get a hold of us! Fill out our contact form if you don't already have one of our contact cards. Contact us on Facebook if you're feeling social.


Invite the Audience!

Get your people informed! We can assist you in reaching your audience by providing any media from our creative guy. Photographs, video teasers, sample audio, paper invitations or whatever you need! Your event is OUR event, lets make it happen!

Our Abilities.




Audience Interaction

What are you waiting for?!